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033115 1107 WatchPowerR1 Watch Power Rangers Season 22 Episode 8 Double Ranger, Double Danger (1) Online

Power Rangers Season 22 Episode 8

Episode Name: Double Ranger, Double Danger (1)

Air date: 4/4/2015

Summary: Fury, with the aid of clones of the Power Rangers and the acquisition of a tracking device, learns the location of the Ptera Zord.

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041214 1238 MightyMorph1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 21 Episode 21.08 Silver Lining (2)

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 21 Episode 8

Episode Name: Silver Lining (2)

Air date: 4/12/2014 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon

Summary: Orion reveals his past to the Rangers

Get All Episodes of Power Rangers

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All those action and fights that the colored costumed power rangers do are worth watching. Its always exciting and fans of Power Rangers Samurai episodes eagerly wait for each episode of the series. The fights between Nighloks and power rangers are too good.

060211 0742 PowerRanger1 Power Rangers Samurai, Season 19 Episode 15 Recap

Here we have another such action filled episode of Power Ranger Samurai series. The episode was aired on 28th May 2011 and was titled “The Tengen Gate”. In this Power Rangers Season 19 episode 15 we saw that evil Octoroo is up to something. On the other hand power rangers come to know about a black box which can help the rangers in uniting their power into one. Immediately they make a move to attain it from the custody of guardians of Tengen Gate. Antonio is not included in this mission as some rangers do not agree on him accompanying them.

Power rangers find a memorial where rangers’ first fight with nighloks took place. There they meet Daisuke, the elder guardian who asks Jayden to tell his friends the truth that he is hiding.

But soon Arachnator finds the rangers in order to take sealing power from Jayden and to become more powerful than Xandred. And while Daisuke is handing over the box to rangers over the tea suddenly tea is poisoned by unknown person and Jayden is the first one to be poisoned.

Then came all action and fight of Power Rangers Samurai episode 15 when Jayden is alone and Octoroo comes to take the power while Antonio is called by Mia. And whom the rangers were taking as incapable to use power fight backs Octoroo, while other four are dimorphed by Arachnator and Jayden is weak.

Those of you who missed this episode can watch “power Rangers” online.


Power Rangers episodes have always been exciting to watch. Fans get glued to the screens while they watch actions performed by their favorite colored costumed samurai power rangers. But soon these Power Rangers Samurai Season 19 episodes will bid adieu to its fans.

Yes, Power rangers Samurai Season 19 finale episode will be airing soon in the month of May 2011. So before it bids goodbye do not miss the last episodes and for that watch “Power Rangers” online.

Every fan of Power Rangers Samurai episodes is well aware that the show consists of superheroes dressed in colored costumes with helmets to hide their original identities and they fight back the evil. In total we have mainly 5 power rangers samurai and sixth one joining later in this season.

Here we have recap of one such interesting episode of Power Rangers Samurai Season 19.

In this Power Rangers Samurai Season 19 episode 11 “Unexpected Arrival”, we saw entry of a new power ranger, gold power ranger named Antonio. This gold power ranger is actually a fish seller. The episode started with the power rangers’ team returning from the fake Nighlok attack on Gap sensor. The team finds an arrow with the note saying “See you soon”. Mike and Emily track down the fish seller whose hand writing matches the note and on other hand Mia and Kevin find Jayden with a Nighlok named Vulpes. All three are attacked by the Nighlok, other two also join the fight but together the team is unable to fight back.

Then comes the twist of this Power Rangers Samurai season 19 episode, the fish seller whom Mia and Kevin had brought with them comes to their rescue, costumed as Gold Samurai ranger. Finally he defeats the Nighlok. Later Jayden recognizes the fish seller as Antonio, his childhood friend.

Tune in to view the upcoming episode “Room for one more” and for that watch “Power Rangers Samurai” online.


Hey guys!

The costumed heroes may possess the ability to wield their weapons, but that doesn’t imply that they are secured from the long arms of the law. If they indulge in bizarre antics in the real world, they’ll be treated like all other ordinary human beings!

040811 0832 PowerRanger1 Power Rangers get arrested for disrupting a high school soccer game!

Don’t be confused guys!

Please be kind, and rewind to find that I’m only referring to the mundane real world, where donning the colorful costumes doesn’t lead to any automatic transference of some kind of mystical force!

This was found out to be true by a group of hoodlums, who decided to don the garb of agent provocateurs, and disrupted a high school soccer game.

What a waste of energy, you may say! But then people have their own ideas of what constitutes a perfect day out!

The incident occurred during the second half of a highly exciting (so it seems, judging from the reaction) high school girls’ soccer game in White County! People couldn’t believe their eyes when four Power Rangers, accompanied by a harried-looking Spiderman and a ninja, raced across the field while the game was going on.

The costumed suspects jumped over the fence, raced across the field, pausing only to exchange pleasantries with the goalkeeper, before continuing their daring run. Unfortunately (or, fortunately depending on which side of the fence you are), all the six have been arrested for causing disruption during a school function. My guess is that the authorities needed some excitement in their lives as well!

It is turned out that all of them belonged to the Truett McConnell College cross country team, and were in their early twenties! This might partially explain the act, but what about the costume?

Well, if you ask me, four Power Rangers and a Spiderman is not a bad choice at all!

Click here to Watch Power Rangers Online

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CONCERT PROMOTER Eamonn McCann has told the Commercial Court he was in a partnership with MCD’s Denis Desmond from “day one” of their business relationship.

The only break in that partnership was in 1995 when an issue arose between them over the bringing to Ireland of the Power Rangers show, he said. That dispute was about the share-out of profits between Mr Desmond’s MCD company and Mr McCann’s Wonderland Productions company in Northern Ireland, the court heard.

Mr McCann, of Deramore Drive, Belfast, said the fees agreed for that act were a lot more than Mr Desmond had told him.

Their relationship was repaired the following year after a meeting between the two men in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel, he said. He had brought along his personal friend, stage hypnotist Barry Sinclair, to that meeting because he was “a little bit nervous” going into it.

After that meeting, business between himself and Mr Desmond had returned to how it was before the dispute, he said.

Mr McCann was giving evidence on the second day of his action against Mr Desmond over a June 2006 agreement.

Mr McCann claims it was proposed Mr Desmond would buy Mr McCann’s share of their alleged partnership in the promotion and operation of outdoor concerts in the Republic for 4.66 times the average net profits for the three years 2003 to 2005.

Mr Desmond, Vartry Lodge, Strand Road, Killiney, Co Dublin, denies Mr McCann’s claims and also says their dealings were a joint venture and not a partnership.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern is being asked to deal with a number of discrete issues in relation to the alleged partnership, including its nature and how profits were to be calculated.

Yesterday, Mr McCann said both he and Mr Desmond operated limited companies in their respective jurisdictions but their business relationship was as partners as he understood it. “That meant we were 50-50 partners,” he said.

Earlier, Mr McCann said when profitability was down in the business in the mid-1980s, he and Mr Desmond had agreed Mr McCann would take over indoor concerts in Northern Ireland until things got better.

Mr McCann had also got involved in property and bought the Limelight venue in Belfast. He was also involved in managing singer Brian Kennedy and handling boxing events in Belfast on behalf of London promoter Barry Hearn.

Mr McCann said he spent about 60 days a year in Dublin at events, particularly overseeing the bar operations, which up until about 2000 had been run by a third party. He said Mr Desmond rarely came to Belfast. “Denis didn’t like coming to Belfast, maybe he came up once a year, maybe not even that.”

Asked by his counsel Brian O’Moore SC when he believed the partnership had first started, Mr McCann replied: “We had always been in partnership from day one.” The first time he was aware the partnership was being challenged was when Mr Desmond’s solicitors wrote to him in June 2006, he said.

The case continues.

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Which Power Ranger would you like to be?

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061910 0943 WhichPowerR1 Which Power Ranger would you like to be?Well, this is a question which I’m asking these days to everyone.

The craze of Power Rangers has been growing over the years and fans always wish to know more about their favorite Power Ranger. In fact, they download Power Rangers whenever they wish to catch the show.

Keeping this craze in mind, and just to gauge the popularity of the Rangers, an informal evaluation was held.

It was from this survey that it was established that the Red Ranger is the most loved!


Yes! Almost 29% of the fans would like to be Red Ranger. And why wouldn’t they? After all, he is the main character and the leader. Moreover, he is endowed with the most powerful weapons as well.

Many fans love the Battlizer Armor of Red Ranger, which is a special suit controlled by a special device. They even go for Power Rangers download to see the characteristics of that special device.

Moving ahead, the Green Ranger holds the second position, with approximately 17% votes. He is the one who has special gears, like the Red and Blue Rangers.

The third place went to the Blue Ranger, with 16% votes, meaning there are those who want to be the Blue Ranger too!!

Earlier, the Blue Ranger was always shown as a serious and smart guy, but of late, he has been given a comic turn. Although the character was almost always played by a male, in the recent two seasons, the character has been portrayed by a female.

It’s really great that the Power Rangers episodes have induced so much zeal in fans; so much so that they would even want to be like the Power Rangers!!

Coming to the Black and White Rangers, they were at a minute difference of 1% – while the Black Ranger had 12%, the White stood at 11%.

Many a times, the Black Ranger is an alternative to the Green Ranger, but there have been some episodes that have had both!

Purple, Pink, Yellow and Brown Rangers comes afterwards, maintaining their small spaces in the hearts of viewers.

Seeing all the love that you hold in your hearts for them, I think you and I should go and watch Power Rangers online.

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Watch Power Rangers Online

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When I watched this show for the first time on ABC, it appeared to me like some Aliens have intruded on earth. I had heard the name of Power Rangers several times but to me it was an animated series. But when I started watching it from the season three from the episode ‘Power Rangers- Zeo’, I became a regular viewer of the show. The concept of super heroes dressed in bright colors and with masks on their faces on the real roads and forests, really proved catchy for me.

082509 0907 WatchPowerR1 Watch Power Rangers Online

It just satisfies a sort of fantasy what would have happened if there were real monsters and super heroes on earth somewhere. The original scenery makes it different from other animated series. Because I am a person who doesn’t likes animation series and instead of wasting time watching an animated series I would rather go for a video game. After all I can participate in that. But this combo of superheroes dressed like animated characters but on the real earth is extraordinary. Moreover I can watch Japanese tricks of fight. The super powers like invisibility, super speed, telekinesis and other innate abilities make it more interesting. An action fanatic like me gets a healthy dose from this show.

As I started watching it from season three, so in my vacations I searched it on internet and downloaded previous two seasons too. The different colors of costumes of warriors help in identifying the difference in intensity of powers of different rangers. Like red rangers, blue rangers and there were silver and orange rangers too in one of the episodes.

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Meet Goldar: Morro Bay man lent voice to ‘Power Rangers’ villain

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082009 1453 MeetGoldarM1 Meet Goldar: Morro Bay man lent voice to Power Rangers villainA few years ago, Kerrigan Mahan discovered a unique way to get out of a speeding ticket.

As the police officer was writing up the citation, Mahan walked up and said, “Hey — you got kids?”

“Why?” the officer asked.

“Well,” Mahan replied. “I’m Goldar.”

The cop stopped writing. “What? You’re Goldar?”


The officer set aside his citation book, approached Mahan and looked him in the eye. And after a pause, he said: “Do it.”

Then, in the middle of a Hollywood Hills neighborhood, Mahan unleashed his gravelly, throaty, Cookie Monster-esque Goldar voice — the one that millions of “Power Rangers”-loving kids knew by heart.

After signing five autographs, Mahan was off the hook and a lesson was learned: Never hesitate to pull the Goldar card.

“I could tell you a full ‘Power Ranger‘ story every week,” said Mahan, a voice actor who lives in Morro Bay.

It started with ‘Robotech’

While Goldar is probably his best-known role, Mahan can be heard in numerous films and TV shows, lending his voice to cartoons, movie trailers, actors who need dubbing, and commercials.

“Most voice-over actors wind up coming out of radio or coming out of acting,” Mahan said.

In his case, it was acting.

The son of two novelists from Encino, he was working a theater gig in the 1980s when his girlfriend at the time told him she was approached at the restaurant where she worked and asked to audition for a part in a cartoon.

“She comes home and says, ‘This guy came and said I have a great voice’ — which she did, she was a blues singer — ‘and that they’re recording some stuff just down the street and he wants me to come in and see what they’re doing and maybe get some work.’ ”

It being late, Mahan was suspicious.

“I said, Wanda — 11 o’clock at night and this guy’s recording a cartoon down the street? Are you serious? Come on.”

Turned out, it was true — they were recording a Japanese-to-English translation for the cartoon “Robotech.” Once Mahan and his girlfriend arrived at the studio, they were both asked to audition.

“I watched and saw what they were doing and how it was being done, and I’m going, ‘There’s no way in the world I can do this,” he said. “Trying to read the script and match the mouth and perform all at the same time?”

But the 28-year-old struggling actor tried out and got the part — and a new career was launched.

Stand-in to the stars

More gigs arrived, and he eventually found himself doing voice looping, replacing words or sentences actors uttered in movies. Voice matches are needed when the original recording is drowned out by other noise, when cuss words are replaced for TV airings or when lines just weren’t read well, and the actors aren’t available to fill in their own parts.

“I have to step in and make it a better performance,” said Mahan, who has replaced lines for actors such as Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones. “But I’m stuck with his lips.”

Translations are more difficult because Mahan has to make his English words match the character’s mouth, which is saying something else. That often requires changing the script.

“You’ve got to do the best you can to make the sentence flow,” he said, noting that a good writer/actor might get one minute of dialogue in an hour.

Mahan speaks with a dramatic actor’s cadence, often doing different voices that accompany a myriad of expressions. His natural voice sounds a bit like Michael Douglas, and at times he looks like an older Marlon Brando or Anthony Hopkins.

Mahan has done so much voice work, he never knows when a segment he’s worked on might pop up.

“One day I’m watching TV, and ‘Scooby-Doo’ is on,” said his wife, Melanie. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my god — that’s Kerrigan.’ ”

Varied vocals

Mahan’s cartoon credits include guest spots on “What’s New, Scooby-Doo?” “Batman Beyond” and “Family Guy.” Other film and TV voice credits include “Doctor Dolittle,” “Fantastic Four” and “The Santa Clause.”

He has also found work voicing movie trailers, TV show promos and commercials, including a Taco Bell ad originally given to actor Charlie Sheen.

“Charlie Sheen was replaced because of a lewd sex act,” Mahan said, referring to claims that Sheen had paid for prostitutes. “I’m plugged in, and I’m the late-night Taco Bell shift. Nice gig.”

Along the way, there were frustrations and setbacks — including several gigs that didn’t pan out. He was the voice of a radio show host in the Craig T. Nelson show “The District,” but that role didn’t last. Meanwhile, the shows “Robotech” and “Team Knight Rider,” a spinoff from the popular “Knight Rider” series, didn’t make the cut.

In “Team Knight Rider,” Mahan supplied the voice of a Ford truck named The Attack Beast. While success could have led to a big payoff, Mahan knew that wasn’t likely from the first episode.

“I watched episode one and went, ‘Oh God, oh God — this is really bad,” he said.

‘A big voice’

He had similar expectations for “Power Rangers.” The casting, he recalled, was pretty simple.

“The guy who ran the show was like, ‘Dave, why don’t you take the guy in blue — his name is Baboo. George, take that little squat guy. His name is Squatt. Kerrigan, I want you to do the gold-winged guy — his name is Goldar.’ ”

The show featured silly-looking costumed heroes battling equally silly-looking monsters. The Goldar character looked like a monkey dressed in armor.

“What do you want me to do with him?” Kerrigan asked.

“I want a big voice on him.”

After the initial taping, Mahan and the other actors didn’t hold out hope for return work.

“We went out and had a beer and said, ‘What a joke — that’s not going anywhere.’ ”

But “Power Rangers” became a huge success — and a merchandising empire. Still, the voice actors were paid modestly, about $600 per episode — which was the same money they were offered to do a movie with a $40 million budget. When the actors declined, they were replaced.

“And we hear down the pike that they did a little test screening,” Mahan said. “And it didn’t go so well.”

The original actors were rehired and offered more — $8,000.

“Could we have gotten more?” Mahan said. “I don’t see how we couldn’t have.”

Still — eight grand was eight grand, and the offer was accepted.

The off-screen advantage

While voice acting can be tough work — without the glory and fame of onscreen actors — there are advantages, Mahan said.

“No makeup, no sitting around, no waiting in between takes,” said Mahan, whose first onscreen role was as a guest on the TV show “S.W.A.T.” “With (voice over), you’re just working.”

Mahan isn’t just a voice actor, though. A decade ago, he directed “Matty, An Evening With Christy Mathewson,” a play about the famous Major League pitcher that played to good reviews in Los Angeles and New York. And he and a partner are currently adapting “Paint It Black,” a best-selling novel by “White Oleander” author Janet Fitch.

He still does voice work, often recording in his home. But if the Fitch screenplay is a hit, you can expect less voice work.

“I’ve segued to writing,” he said.

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